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Vegas Mansion Linked to Michael Jackson, Owned by Prince of Brunei, Sells for $23 Million

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In the elite Spanish Trail community, located in the heart of Las Vegas, an extravagant 25-bedroom and 46-bathroom mega-mansion compound has recently been sold for an astounding $25 million. This grand sale matches the previous record for the most expensive residential sale in the region, which was set in 2021 by a 15,000-square-foot residence in Henderson.

This colossal compound, sitting regally at 99 Spanish Gate Drive, was initially constructed for and owned by Jefri Bolkiah, the Prince of Brunei, a small Asian nation known for its wealth. Its total area comes in at an unbelievable 110,320-square-feet, sprawled over a generous 16-acre plot of land. 

The compound consists of ten interconnected buildings. The prime residence alone is an architectural marvel encompassing an area of 37,466-square-feet. It includes five luxurious bedrooms and eight bathrooms. An expansive athletic club or pool house of approximately 47,367-square-feet features an array of sports and leisure facilities. These include indoor badminton and squash courts, a full-sized spa and gym, an indoor pool, a bowling alley, and even a nightclub. Despite the initial construction of the property commencing in 1996, the compound has largely remained untouched since 1999, and is reported to be 90 percent complete. Even though the compound comes without appliances and requires some fine finishing touches, it is otherwise mostly finished and fully enclosed.

Beyond its structural majesty and staggering price tag, this compound holds a unique spot in pop culture history. It was once the temporary residence of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, during his time in Las Vegas. While the exact timeline of Jackson’s stay remains unclear, it is widely believed to have spanned several months in 2007.

During his time there, the musical icon attracted numerous fans, contributing to the compound’s global renown. Several witnesses and individuals who interacted with Jackson during his Las Vegas stay further cemented his connection with this luxurious mansion – an anecdotal testament to the stature and allure of this property.

This multi-million dollar transaction marks not just a real estate record for the region, but also symbolizes a significant milestone in the property’s illustrious history.

The sheer scale, extravagance, and high-profile history associated with this mega-mansion compound conjure up an image of almost-unbelievable grandeur. Given its enormous price tag and connection with one of the most internationally acclaimed music legends, it is clear this compound offers more than just a residential experience – it’s a testament to the heights of luxury, opulence, and architectural prowess.

As this luxurious mega-mansion embarks on its new journey with its latest owners, its rich history and indisputable grandeur ensure it will continue to stand as a monument to both architectural magnificence and pop culture significance. The star-studded legacy of this compound and the fascinating stories associated with it shape its unique identity, elevating it beyond a mere property transaction. The tale of this Vegas mega-mansion offers a compelling narrative of extravagant architecture, record-breaking real estate deals, and cherished pop-culture connections.

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