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Introducing J. Howell: A Musical Trailblazer

Introducing J. Howell: A Musical Trailblazer
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Welcome to the world of music, where trends are constantly changing. However, an R&B artist from Memphis named J. Howell stands out for his authentic music. He has captured the hearts of thousands and emerged as a revolutionary artist by selling out shows nationwide. This article aims to explore the unique journey of J. Howell and discover the essence of his magnetic music.

J. Howell’s latest album, aptly titled “Honest,” encapsulates the very essence of his artistry. It’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to authenticity and self-expression. In a world that often demands conformity, J. Howell’s message is clear: “Don’t compromise who you are to fit in with the trends of the world. Stay true to you, and everything will align as they should.”

What sets J. Howell apart from the crowd is his extraordinary ability to sell out shows without opening acts. This feat is a rarity in the music industry, where emerging artists often rely on support acts to draw a crowd. However, J. Howell boasts a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates his live performances.

You’re in for a treat when you attend a J. Howell show. Backed by a live band, J. Howell’s stage presence is nothing short of magnetic. The audience, deeply connected to his music, sings along word for word, creating an electric atmosphere. His voice, with its mesmerizing quality, leaves an indelible mark on every listener.

Upcoming Shows

For those eager to experience the magic of J. Howell’s music in person, mark your calendars for his upcoming shows:

  • September 15th: Nashville, TN, at City Winery
  • September 16th: Atlanta, GA, at City Winery
  • September 17th: Memphis, TN, at Pinkniq, Shelby Farms

Connect with J. Howell

Before you dive into the world of J. Howell, you can connect with him on various social media platforms:

The Essence of J. Howell

J. Howell’s story is about passion, creativity, and unwavering determination. He hails from Memphis, a city known for its rich musical heritage, and he carries that legacy forward with grace and power.

Discovering his love for singing at a young age, J. Howell embarked on a journey to make his mark in the music industry. At the tender age of 7, he left a lasting impression on his family when he performed during a black history program. His unique and powerful voice stunned everyone, and it was evident he possessed a talent that the world needed to hear.

With the support of his family, J. Howell pursued his dream of sharing his voice with the world. But what makes him truly unique is his refusal to be pigeonholed into a single genre. While many might try to categorize him as solely an R&B artist, his vocal versatility and diverse musical influences allow him to captivate listeners from all walks of life.

Imagine the vocal arrangements of Beyoncé, the vocal range of a young Tevin Campbell, and a touch of that 90s R&B/Hip Hop swag—all blended seamlessly into J. Howell’s eclectic style and sound. His music is, in essence, “heart music.” He takes his life experiences and weaves them into songs that resonate with people deeply and emotionally.

In a world where music is often manufactured and lacks sincerity, J. Howell’s music stands out as a beacon of authenticity. It’s a reminder that true artistry knows no boundaries and that the world will align when you stay true to yourself.


J. Howell is not just a rising star in the music industry; he’s a musical revolution in the making. With his passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to authenticity, he’s changing how we experience music. So, as his music continues to sweep across the nation, keep an eye out for this extraordinary artist who refuses to compromise on his journey of self-expression. With J. Howell, you can expect nothing less than an honest and electrifying musical experience.

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