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Eric Ahiekpor: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Family

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Eric Ahiekpor‘s journey from his childhood in Accra, Ghana to his successful entrepreneurial endeavors in the United States is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the support of family. This article delves into the life of Eric Ahiekpor, exploring his background, education, and his foray into entrepreneurship. It also sheds light on how he manages to strike a balance between his business and the importance of family in his life.

Eric Ahiekpor, the eldest child of Francis and Miriam Ahiekpor, had a humble upbringing in Accra, Ghana. He cherished his time playing soccer and ping pong during his youth while excelling in his studies. Consistently ranking in the top 10% of his class, he displayed a penchant for academic excellence. After completing high school at Advanced Winneva High School in Accra in 1988, Eric took his first steps towards higher education.

In 1989, Eric made a pivotal move across the Atlantic to further his studies in the United States. He began his academic journey at the West African Secondary School in Ghana, before eventually relocating to the U.S. to complete his education. In 1993, he graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, along with a minor in accounting. This solid foundation in business education would serve as a stepping stone for his future entrepreneurial pursuits.

After his graduation, Eric entered the workforce, occupying various management roles. It was during this time that he started nurturing his entrepreneurial aspirations. In 2008, he took the leap and founded Premier Choice Health Services (PCHS), marking a significant milestone in his career.

PCHS has carved a niche for itself, standing as one of the highest-rated State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) schools in central Ohio. Notably, PCHS also runs a home health care business that provides employment opportunities to its graduates, offering a pathway for them to launch their careers in the healthcare industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric Ahiekpor also maintains a diverse set of hobbies and interests. He is an avid soccer enthusiast and a dedicated fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His passion for sports extends to ping pong, a game he enjoyed during his youth. Additionally, he finds solace in engaging in chess matches and exploring the world of African music. Despite his busy schedule, Eric manages to allocate quality time for boating and spending time with his family.

Eric Ahiekpor’s story underscores the importance of finding a balance between entrepreneurship and family life. The demands of running a successful business can be all-encompassing, yet Eric ensures that he prioritizes his family alongside his professional commitments. This balance is crucial, not only for his personal well-being but also for the success and harmony of his family.

Eric’s dedication to his family is evident in the time he devotes to them. In a world filled with busy schedules and constant distractions, he remains committed to spending quality moments with his loved ones. This commitment reflects his belief in the significance of family in one’s life.

Eric Ahiekpor’s journey from his roots in Ghana to his thriving entrepreneurial ventures in the U.S. is an inspiring tale of determination, hard work, and a strong sense of family values. His path from education to entrepreneurship and his ability to maintain a balance between the two showcase the possibilities that can be achieved when one follows their dreams with unwavering support from their loved ones. As a testament to his success, Eric continues to inspire and make a positive impact in both his professional and personal life.

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