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Chaymeriyia Moncrief: Innovating Tech with NSPRE

Chaymeriyia Moncrief Innovating Tech with NSPRE
Photo Courtesy: Chaymeriyia Moncrief

In the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, a remarkable entrepreneur embarked on a journey that would redefine consumer electronics and champion diversity in the tech industry. At just 25 years old, Chaymeriyia Moncrief founded NSPRE (pronounced “inspire”), a brand that has quickly made waves with its innovative products and commitment to inclusivity.

The founder’s journey is truly inspiring, breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry with sheer determination and resilience. “Creating NSPRE wasn’t just about starting another tech brand; it was about sparking change and making room for voices that aren’t often heard in tech,” she explains. Her leadership emphasizes inclusivity, setting a new standard for future innovators.

Moncrief’s passion for technology ignited during her junior high school years, where she developed a fascination with gadgets and tinkering with electronics around her home. This early love affair with tech laid the groundwork for what would eventually become NSPRE. Starting initially with SD cards, Moncrief’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive led her to expand into more ambitious ventures.

NSPRE gained early recognition for its high-quality SD cards, setting the stage for Moncrief to pursue her vision further. Her determination and vision propelled NSPRE into the spotlight when the company launched its first smartphone, the NX Pro Plus, marking a significant milestone as the first African American woman-led brand to do so in the consumer electronics space.

Building on this success, NSPRE ventured into smart glasses, blending fashion with cutting-edge technology. These products weren’t just about functionality; they represented Moncrief’s commitment to innovation and style, catering to a diverse audience eager for both utility and out of the box tech.

Propelling Through Social Media

In addition to her innovativeness, Chaymeriyia Moncrief has mastered leveraging non-conventional methods and harnessing the power of social media to propel NSPRE into the spotlight. ‘I wanted to create an amazingly dope brand that brought fun, feel-good, and non-conventional branding that really spoke to my audience,’ she asserts. And in doing so, there was no better way to truly put NSPRE in front of my audience than via social media.

Moncrief’s approach to marketing has been as innovative as her products. She recognized early on that traditional advertising methods wouldn’t suffice in reaching her target audience effectively. Instead, she deployed a mix of influencer partnerships, viral marketing campaigns, and engaging content that highlighted her brand’s feel. By doing so, she not only promoted her products but also fostered a community around the NSPRE brand.

Moncrief’s astute use of social media didn’t stop at promotion; it also served as a direct channel for customer feedback and product development insights. By listening to her community online, she was able to refine NSPRE’s offerings and tailor them to meet the evolving needs of her consumer base. It’s what’s led to a string of the company’s releases in the last 4 years.

From 0 to nearly 30,000 combined social media followers, she emphasizes her goal to cultivate a robust social media community capable of engaging NSPRE’s supporters in product launches, feedback groups, and more to propel the company forward. This approach is uncommon among major brands, who typically do not involve their audience in such significant ways before major releases.

Launching Smartphone Number 2

As NSPRE gears up for the launch of its second smartphone, the N1, four years after its flagship debut, Moncrief remains committed to enhancing her smartphone releases. Taking feedback from the NX Pro Plus, she plans to integrate more up-to-date features such as NFC capabilities, AI Integrations and enhanced camera features.

The N1 features 128GB storage with up to 1TB of extended storage, NFC for contactless payments, Android 13, 65W charger capabilities, and more compared to their flagship release, which did not have many advanced features but still sold nearly 10k smartphones in its first year.

Moving Forward

Moncrief’s path with NSPRE stands as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women and future founders of color, who are frequently underrepresented in certain tech sectors. She expresses, “In school, the nerds were always the butt of the group’s jokes. With my passion for gadgets, tech, and software, I aim to be a beacon for those who embrace being a nerd as “the cool guy”. As we move towards an advanced technological future, there’s ample space for you to create, innovate, and thrive.“

She is dedicated to pushing beyond conventional product limits in the tech industry. Her vision for NSPRE reaches beyond developing outstanding products; she aims to propel the company into the domains of AI and robotics.

As NSPRE gears up for its next chapter, Moncrief envisions a future where her brand not only competes at the forefront of consumer electronics but also sets new standards for inclusivity in tech.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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