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Exploring Career Pathways for Graduates of Pures College

As graduates step out into the job market, armed with their newfound knowledge and skills, they often find themselves faced with a myriad of options and opportunities. Navigating this landscape can be both exciting and daunting as they seek to find the right path that aligns with their interests, strengths, and aspirations. Pures College recognizes the importance of supporting its graduates in this journey, offering guidance, resources, and opportunities to help them navigate the job market and embark on successful career pathways.

Diverse Career Opportunities

One of the key advantages of graduating from Pures is the wide range of career opportunities available to its graduates. With programs spanning fields such as information technology, business administration, and entrepreneurship, Pures equips its students with versatile skills and knowledge that are in high demand across various industries. Whether graduates are interested in pursuing careers in tech companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, or government agencies, they will find ample opportunities to apply their expertise and make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Industry-Relevant Skills and Experience

Employers value candidates who possess not only academic credentials but also practical skills and real-world experience. Pures understands this demand and integrates hands-on learning opportunities into its programs to ensure that graduates are well-prepared to meet the needs of the job market. Through internships, co-op placements, industry projects, and experiential learning opportunities, students gain valuable skills, insights, and connections that enhance their employability and set them apart in a competitive job market.

Career Development Support

Transitioning from academia to the workforce can be a challenging process, but Pures College offers comprehensive career development support to help graduates navigate this transition with confidence. From resume writing workshops and mock interviews to job search strategies and networking events, Pures provides graduates with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to effectively market themselves to potential employers and secure rewarding employment opportunities. Additionally, Pures maintains strong connections with industry partners, facilitating job placements and career advancement opportunities for its graduates.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

While many graduates may choose to pursue traditional employment opportunities, others may be drawn to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Pures recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of its graduates and offers support and resources to help them turn their business ideas into reality. Whether graduates are interested in launching their own startups, freelancing, or consulting, Pures provides mentorship, incubator programs, and networking opportunities to help them succeed as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

The job market is constantly evolving, and continuous learning is essential for staying competitive and advancing in one’s career. Pures understands the importance of lifelong learning and offers continuing education and professional development opportunities to its graduates. Whether through further specialization in their field of study, obtaining industry certifications, or pursuing advanced degrees, Pures graduates have access to a wide range of options to expand their knowledge, skills, and career opportunities.


In conclusion, Pures empowers its graduates to navigate the job market with confidence and embark on successful career pathways. With diverse career opportunities, industry-relevant skills and experience, comprehensive career development support, entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives, and continuing education opportunities, Pures College equips its graduates with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s dynamic job market. By choosing Pures College, graduates embark on a journey of lifelong learning and professional growth, positioning themselves for success in their chosen fields and making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Tanya Nolan to Ignite Airwaves with Sultry New Single Like Water and Sizzling Music Video

R&B singer and songwriter Tanya Nolan is poised to release her highly anticipated single “Like Water” along with its accompanying music video on May 3rd. This release promises to make waves across the music scene, solidifying itself as one of the  seductive summer anthems of the season with its captivating visuals and alluring sound.

Nolan’s smooth vocals and provocative lyrics have earned her a well-established reputation, and “Like Water” continues to push the boundaries of her artistry. The track is designed to grab people’s attention and leave a lasting impression with its blend of sensuality and sophistication. The song combines infectious beats and a sultry melody that captures the listener’s attention from the very beginning.

The music video for “Like Water” is a visual masterpiece set against a backdrop of shimmering waves and sultry summer nights. It showcases Tanya Nolan’s undeniable charisma and stage presence, transporting viewers into a world of pure escapism and allure. The video features steamy choreography and breathtaking cinematography, meticulously crafted to immerse viewers in the world of “Like Water.”

With its catchy beat, seductive melody, and unforgettable hook, “Like Water” is set to become the soundtrack of the summer. The song and video will be released simultaneously on May 3rd on Tanya Nolan’s official YouTube channel, making it easily accessible to her audience. Fans can look forward to experiencing the hottest new single of the season and joining Tanya Nolan as she makes a splash in the world of R&B.

Tanya Nolan hails from Galveston, Texas, and has made a name for herself in the R&B genre with chart-topping releases such as “Pace Yourself” featuring Raheem DeVaughn, which reached #13 on the charts, and “Good Woman,” which soared to #2 on R&B radio stations nationwide. Her song “Honey” captivated listeners with its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, establishing her as a standout star in the music industry.

Her musical journey began with playing percussion in middle school, and she later became the first female frontline drummer at Grambling State University. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Billie Holiday and Chaka Khan, Nolan’s authentic storytelling and diverse influences have garnered her a devoted following. Her ability to blend timeless sound with unapologetic emotion and soul sets her apart from her peers.

Nolan’s music can be heard across  radio stations, satellite radio, and major streaming platforms, showcasing her widespread appeal. Her latest release, “Like Water,” is sure to captivate audiences with its enchanting melody and visually stunning water-themed imagery. The track’s release is expected to resonate deeply with listeners, transporting them to a world of allure and desire.

Tanya Nolan’s unique sound and powerful performances make her one of the  creative artists and songwriters of today. Her work consistently pushes the boundaries of the R&B genre, and her latest offering, “Like Water,” encapsulates her artistic prowess. The combination of sensual song and mesmerizing video creates an immersive experience that draws viewers into a world of enchantment.

The water-themed visuals in the “Like Water” video create a stunning backdrop for Nolan’s performance, complementing her smooth, expressive vocals and evocative storytelling. The video features an array of scenes, from steamy choreography by the water’s edge to tranquil moments on a secluded beach. Each frame is designed to capture the essence of summer and the feeling of being in the moment.

The video also features a range of striking fashion choices, with Nolan donning a variety of stylish outfits that enhance her on-screen presence. From flowing dresses to edgy swimwear, her wardrobe complements the song’s theme and adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the video. The attention to detail in both the music and the video showcases Nolan’s dedication to her craft and her desire to create an unforgettable experience for her audience.

In addition to the music video, Nolan’s live performances of “Like Water” are sure to be a treat for fans. Her magnetic stage presence and ability to connect with the audience make her live shows a must-see experience. Nolan’s powerful vocals and captivating choreography will bring the song to life in new and exciting ways, making her concerts a highlight of the summer music scene.

As Nolan continues to build her career and expand her musical repertoire, “Like Water” marks an important milestone in her journey. The track exemplifies her growth as an artist and her ability to create music that resonates with audiences on a deep level. Her willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles keeps her music fresh and exciting, ensuring that she remains a standout figure in the R&B genre.

Fans can follow Tanya Nolan on her social media channels @iamtanyanolan to stay up-to-date with her latest releases and news. Her active presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter allows her to connect with her audience directly, providing them with behind-the-scenes glimpses and insights into her creative process. By engaging with her fans in this way, Nolan builds a strong community of supporters who eagerly anticipate each new release.

In summary, Tanya Nolan’s release of “Like Water” on May 3rd assures to be a major event in the music world. The combination of her smooth vocals, captivating visuals, and sultry sound creates an experience that is both alluring and unforgettable. As she continues to push the boundaries of her genre and captivate audiences worldwide, Nolan’s star is sure to continue rising.


Published By: Aize Perez

The Intersection of Educational Leadership and Innovation: Navigating Change in Today’s Schools

In the dynamic landscape of education, effective leadership plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and navigating change within schools. Leaders like Laurynn Evans, with extensive experience across public, private, and international school settings, understand the importance of embracing innovation while maintaining a strategic vision for student success. Today’s schools face evolving challenges, from technological advancements to changing student needs, requiring educational leaders to adopt innovative approaches that enhance teaching and learning.

Challenges in Educational Leadership

Educational leaders encounter multifaceted challenges when implementing innovation. One of the primary hurdles is balancing tradition with innovation. Schools often have established practices and structures that resist change, making it essential for leaders to foster a culture that embraces innovation while respecting the institution’s heritage. Laurynn’s approachable, servant-leadership style underscores the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in driving change.

Another challenge is the rapid pace of technological advancements. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and personalized learning platforms offer exciting opportunities for education but require leaders to stay informed and adaptable. Integrating technology effectively into the curriculum demands strategic planning, professional development, and a clear understanding of how these tools can enhance student engagement and outcomes.

Strategies for Successful Implementation

To navigate change successfully, educational leaders like Laurynn Evans can employ several strategies:

Visionary Leadership: Leaders must articulate a compelling vision for innovation that aligns with the school’s mission and values. Laurynn’s strategic thinking and dedication to student success exemplify visionary leadership, inspiring stakeholders to embrace change.

Collaborative Approach: Engaging teachers, parents, and students in the innovation process fosters ownership and commitment. Laurynn Evans’ servant-leadership style emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity, empowering stakeholders to contribute to transformative initiatives.

Continuous Professional Development: Supporting educators in acquiring new skills and knowledge is critical for effective implementation of innovative practices. Laurynn’s commitment to reflective assessment and formative strategies highlights the importance of ongoing professional growth.

Impact on Teaching and Learning

Innovative leadership can have a profound impact on teaching and learning outcomes. By leveraging technology and innovative pedagogies, schools can personalize learning experiences, cater to diverse student needs, and cultivate critical thinking and creativity. Laurynn Evans’ experience in implementing innovative academic programs underscores the transformative potential of educational leadership in enhancing student engagement and achievement.

Furthermore, innovation in educational leadership extends beyond technology to encompass curriculum design, assessment strategies, and professional development initiatives. Leaders emphasize the importance of metacognitive strategies and reflective assessment, empowering educators to adapt their practices to meet evolving educational needs.

Future Directions in Educational Leadership

Looking ahead, the role of educational leaders will continue to evolve in response to emerging trends and challenges. The integration of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and adaptive learning technologies will shape educational practices, requiring leaders to foster a culture of innovation and lifelong learning. Moreover, issues such as equity, diversity, and inclusion will remain central to educational leadership, necessitating proactive approaches that address the needs of all students.

In conclusion, the intersection of educational leadership and innovation represents a transformative opportunity for schools to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world. Leaders like Laurynn Evans exemplify the vision, strategic thinking, and dedication needed to navigate change successfully and ensure positive outcomes for students. By embracing innovation while upholding core educational principles, schools can cultivate dynamic learning environments that empower students to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.


Published by: Khy Talara


Innovative Approaches to Behavior Management: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Behavior management is critical to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It involves understanding and addressing challenging behaviors to promote positive outcomes and enhance quality of life. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need for innovative approaches to behavior management that go beyond traditional methods. Organizations like Capitol City Residential Health Care are at the forefront of developing and implementing these innovative strategies.

Understanding Challenging Behaviors

Challenging behaviors can manifest in many different ways, including aggression, self-injury, property destruction, and withdrawal. These behaviors can be distressing for both the individual and those around them, and they often serve as a means of communication or coping in response to unmet needs or environmental stressors. Understanding the underlying causes of these behaviors is crucial for effective behavior management.

Person-Centered Approaches

One of the key principles of innovative behavior management is taking a person-centered approach. This involves recognizing that each individual is unique and has their own strengths, preferences, and challenges. By taking the time to understand the individual’s needs and preferences, Capitol City Residential Health Care can develop personalized interventions that address the root causes of challenging behaviors and support the individual in achieving their goals.

Positive Behavior Support

Positive behavior support is another innovative approach that focuses on promoting desirable behaviors through positive reinforcement, environmental modifications, and teaching alternative skills. Rather than relying on punishment or restrictive measures, positive behavior support emphasizes proactive strategies that promote independence, dignity, and well-being. CCRHC incorporates positive behavior support principles into its programs and services to help individuals build the skills they need to navigate social situations and manage their emotions effectively.

Utilizing Technology

Technology is also playing an increasingly important role in behavior management. From wearable devices that track physiological indicators of stress to mobile apps that provide real-time feedback and support, there are a wide range of technological tools available to support individuals with challenging behaviors. CCRHC embraces the use of technology as part of its innovative approach to behavior management, leveraging tools and resources to enhance communication, monitor progress, and provide timely interventions when needed.

Collaborative Partnerships

Innovative behavior management requires collaboration and partnership across multiple disciplines and stakeholders. Capitol City Residential Health Care works closely with individuals, families, caregivers, educators, and other professionals to develop comprehensive support plans that address the individual’s unique needs and goals. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, CCRHC is able to provide holistic and integrated care that maximizes the individual’s potential for success.

Building on Strengths

Another key aspect of innovative behavior management is focusing on strengths rather than deficits. Rather than viewing challenging behaviors as inherent flaws or limitations, Capitol City Residential Health Care recognizes that each individual has unique strengths and assets that can be leveraged to promote positive outcomes. CCRHC empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential by building on these strengths and fostering a strengths-based mindset.


In conclusion, innovative approaches to behavior management are essential for supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in achieving their goals and leading fulfilling lives. By taking a person-centered approach, incorporating positive behavior support principles, utilizing technology, fostering collaborative partnerships, and building on strengths, organizations like Capitol City Residential Health Care transform challenges into opportunities and pave the way for a brighter future for all.


Published by: Khy Talara

From Passion to Plate: ReShaun McCree’s Story of Wingnuts’ Success

In the bustling city of Atlanta, amidst the vibrant culinary scene, one name stands out: Wingnuts. And behind its rise to prominence lies the inspiring journey of ReShaun McCree, the manager and business development lead whose passion for food and people has propelled the restaurant to new heights.

Originally hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, McCree’s foray into the restaurant industry began humbly, serving as a cashier. However, it was in 2017 that his path took a transformative turn when he joined Wingnuts following a referral from his close friend, Ryan. Little did he know this opportunity would become the catalyst for his remarkable career trajectory.

For McCree, working in the restaurant industry is more than just a job; it’s a passion. It offers him the chance to not only serve people but also to connect with them on a deeper level, learning their stories and forging genuine relationships. This connection extends beyond mere transactions; it’s about becoming a part of customers’ lives and journeys, an aspect of his work that McCree cherishes deeply.

Moreover, McCree finds fulfillment in nurturing and mentoring his staff, guiding them on their own paths to success. He sees Wingnuts not just as a place of business but as a platform for personal and professional growth, where individuals can evolve into future leaders.

In his seven years with Wingnuts, McCree has played a pivotal role in steering the restaurant toward unparalleled success. One of his most impactful initiatives has been helping push their beloved “Wingnuts Wednesdays.” This creative idea was created by Wingnuts owner, April Ahn to create an affordable meal specially tailored to college students, particularly those from nearby Georgia Tech University. It didn’t take long for this meal special to become popular within their target demographic and solidified Wingnuts as a staple within Atlanta. Not only did this initiative attract a loyal student following but also cemented Wingnuts’ reputation as an establishment that prioritizes the local community’s best interests.

But McCree’s contributions extend beyond the confines of the restaurant. Recognizing the power of social media in today’s digital age, he took the reins in building Wingnuts’ online presence. Under his guidance, former delivery driver Dontae Edmonson was promoted to content director, leading to a remarkable surge in social media engagement. With over 31,000 accounts reached and a staggering 272% increase in followers, Wingnuts’ digital footprint has expanded exponentially, thanks to McCree’s strategic vision.

However, McCree’s ambitions don’t stop there. He envisions even greater opportunities for Wingnuts, including expansion plans and venturing into the retail sauce and food seasoning market. With his keen business acumen and unwavering dedication, McCree is poised to lead Wingnuts into its next chapter of growth and success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry, ReShaun McCree’s story serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and community. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and his genuine connection with both customers and staff, McCree has not only elevated Wingnuts to new heights but has also left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape of Atlanta. As he continues to pursue his dreams and aspirations, one thing remains certain: From passion to the plate, ReShaun McCree’s journey is one of inspiration and triumph.


Published By: Aize Perez

Atlanta Campaign Calls for ‘Buycotting’ to Support Black and Ally Entrepreneurs, Paving Way for Economic Change

By: A. Lewis

In the twilight of his life, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., amidst the fervor of the civil rights movement he led, confided a harrowing reflection to Harry Belafonte, a luminary in both entertainment and activism. He feared that his advocacy for integration might have inadvertently guided Black Americans into a “burning house,” recognizing that mere integration fell short of addressing the economic disparities faced by his community. This poignant admission underscores an enduring quest for racial and economic equity that transcends generations.

More than half a century later, this quest finds renewed vigor in the innovative strategies adopted by Friends of the Movement Global Inc. (FotM Global), BlacIntellec, and an alliance of civil rights and trade organizations. Together, they are spearheading a transformative shift in economic activism from boycotting to buycotting—a proactive stance aimed at fostering economic empowerment within the Black community and its allies.

The collective spending power of Black Americans, estimated at $1.7 trillion, coupled with their allies’ financial clout exceeding $7 trillion, positions them as formidable agents of change in today’s economy. Recognizing this potential, FotM Global unveiled the “Our Money United” campaign on March 12, 2024, at the Rice Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs in Atlanta. This pioneering initiative seeks to harness this vast spending power by encouraging consumers to support businesses committed to investing in Black communities—businesses now recognized as “Friends of the Movement.” This real-time support is made visible through an unprecedented tool: the Black Wall Street Tickers deployed nationwide.

Dr. Charles Walker, Jr., FotM Global’s founder and CEO and visionary behind this campaign, articulated its essence: shifting from boycotting’s reactive stance to buycotting’s proactive engagement. By leveraging modern technology’s capabilities, this strategy aims to facilitate swift social and economic transformations aligned with younger generations’ values and those who understand their spending impact.

Joseph Hudson from BlacIntellec highlighted their role in providing deeper insights into consumer and corporate spending patterns—insights crucial for informed decision-making toward achieving economic justice.

This modern approach redefines conscious consumption. Consumers are now empowered to make every transaction a statement of their values by choosing companies aligned with their commitment to racial equity—an action further amplified by seamless transactions facilitated through FotM Global’s platform.

The timing is particularly significant amid attacks on Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and other gains made by civil rights movements over decades. Endorsements from figures like Ambassador Andrew Young—a close aide to Dr. King—and organizations including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference signal widespread support for this call-to-action among leaders passionate about continuing Dr. King’s legacy.

Legal advocate Attorney Gerald Griggs emphasized how this campaign creates a forum where voices can be heard and dollars counted towards justice-seeking efforts.

Ron Sailor from the National Action Network Southeast pointed out buycotting’s potential to transform each purchase into a vote for equality and respect—a sentiment echoed across various leadership spheres within Atlanta’s vibrant civil rights community.

Prominent attorney Rodney Strong praised buycotting for its accountability mechanism—holding corporations responsible minute-by-minute—and providing visibility for those actively participating in these initiatives.

Rev. Jamal Bryant discussed buycotting’s empowering aspect against historical backdrops like the bombing of Black Wall Street—a testament to oppressors’ fear toward organized economic movements within oppressed communities. The Black Wall Street Ticker emerges as not just a tool but a symbol, one that monitors investments into community-supportive businesses while challenging existing wealth disparities head-on.

Atlanta Campaign Calls for 'Buycotting' to Support Black and Ally Entrepreneurs, Paving Way for Economic Change (2)

Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team

This novel form of activism invites all individuals to register their participation—not just through traditional voting but through everyday financial choices reflecting their commitment to racial justice and equity.

As we stand at the precipice of potentially groundbreaking societal shifts inspired by Dr. King’s unfulfilled dream, initiatives like FotM Global’s Our Money United campaign present an actionable path forward—one where every dollar spent becomes a stepping stone towards reducing America’s racial wealth gap.

To join this movement or learn more about how you can contribute towards shaping an equitable future through your spending habits visit [Friends of the Movement Global Inc.’s Directory]( or explore further details about their mission at [](

Through such concerted efforts embodying principles laid down decades ago yet as relevant as ever today—the vision for economic justice may indeed find its realization not just within our communities but echoed across nations aspiring towards true equality.

Published by: Holy Minoza

Learning the Art of Letting Go: Steve Ryan’s CLEAR Framework for Resilience and Transformation

Amidst the ebb and flow of life’s tumultuous currents, the journey of letting go emerges as a poignant testament to human resilience, courage, and the unwavering pursuit of personal growth. Whether entangled in the tendrils of toxic relationships, navigating through the labyrinthine corridors of a challenging work environment, or grappling with the shadows cast by communities tainted with negativity, the quest to release the burdens of the past and embrace a brighter future remains a universal odyssey. 

Known for his expertise in mindset shifts and breakthroughs, Steve Ryan offers profound insights into this transformative journey through his distinctive CLEAR approach — an acronym encapsulating the pivotal steps of Calm, Love, Empower, Adaptation, and Resilience.

The journey of letting go commences with the foundational step of Calm, heralding the pursuit of inner peace and tranquility amidst life’s turbulent storms. Central to this phase is the imperative to afford oneself the space and time to heal, fostering emotional restoration through journaling, therapy, or creative expression.

Love emerges as an indispensable cornerstone in the pursuit of emotional equilibrium. It advocates for a robust support system comprising empathetic friends, understanding family members, or compassionate community allies. This network of unwavering support serves as a bastion of solace amidst the tumultuous seas of change, offering solace, empathy, and nonjudgmental understanding during moments of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Empowerment takes center stage as individuals assume ownership over their narrative and choices, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By reflecting on their experiences with self-love and compassion, individuals glean invaluable lessons from past mistakes, fostering resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity.

Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of letting go often entails confronting formidable adversaries, including individuals harboring narcissistic tendencies. Steve Ryan’s insight into this treacherous terrain underscores the significance of setting firm boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and seeking support to safeguard one’s emotional well-being amidst turbulent circumstances.

The virtue of Adaptation emerges as a guiding beacon, empowering individuals to recalibrate their sails in response to shifting winds and navigate through life’s myriad challenges with grace and grit. By cultivating flexibility, resilience, and a willingness to embrace change, individuals emerge from the crucible of letting go as empowered, resilient beings poised to conquer new horizons and embrace boundless possibilities.

In the final leg of the journey, Resilience emerges as a triumphant anthem, imbuing individuals with the strength to rise from the ashes of adversity and chart a course toward a brighter tomorrow. By channeling their energies into productive endeavors, setting audacious goals, and fostering a steadfast commitment to personal growth, individuals emerge from letting go as empowered, resilient beings, poised to conquer new horizons and embrace boundless possibilities.

In essence, Steve Ryan’s CLEAR approach is a guiding constellation, illuminating the path toward letting go and experiencing profound personal transformation. By embracing the tenets of Calm, Love, Empowerment, Adaptation, and Resilience, individuals can transcend the limitations of the past, reclaim their agency, and sculpt a destiny imbued with purpose, vitality, and authenticity.

Steve Ryan’s mantra, “Success comes from patience and persistence,” encapsulates the ethos of his transformative journey and serves as a guiding beacon for all who seek to embark on their own path of letting go and personal growth.

About Steve

The term ‘ freedom ‘ instantly surfaces when one hears the name Steve Ryan. As a multi-talented individual, Steve Ryan embodies the essence of freedom in every sphere of his life, from music to writing, speaking, investing, and entrepreneurial pursuits. By attaining time, money, and mindset freedom, Steve has created a solid foundation for his financial independence, providing the means to live life on his own terms and pursue his creative endeavors without constraints. Through his music, words, and entrepreneurial ventures, Steve Ryan has become a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for personal transformation, guiding countless individuals toward their own path of freedom and fulfillment.


Published By: Aize Perez

Bridging Divides: The Apostle Paul’s Inclusive Leadership for Today’s Global Business Environment

In an age where ethical dilemmas and rapid transformations challenge the corporate world, a groundbreaking exploration into the fusion of faith and leadership offers a compelling blueprint for guiding ethical decision-making and nurturing visionary leadership. Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, through her seminal works, “Guidance from the Past, Vision for the Future: Biblical Leadership in Today’s World” alongside her initiative with Global Jesus Mission to empower business leaders for Kingdom impact, presents an indispensable narrative on how faith plays a pivotal role in sculpting leaders who are not only practical but also conscientious and forward-thinking.

Dr. Liew’s distinguished career as a senior pastor, coupled with her extensive experience as a leader, imbues her with a unique perspective on integrating faith as a moral compass and an inspirational force within the corporate landscape. Her insights delve into biblical narratives, extracting timeless principles that resonate profoundly with contemporary leadership challenges.

The Ethical Compass

In today’s business environment, where ethical boundaries often appear nebulous, Dr. Liew emphasizes faith as an ethical compass guiding leaders toward integrity and righteousness. The biblical story of Daniel, who remained steadfast in his faith despite facing personal peril, serves as a testament to how deep-rooted beliefs can fortify leaders to uphold ethical standards unwaveringly.

For modern leaders, embedding faith into their leadership ethos encourages a culture of integrity within organizations. It instills accountability not only towards stakeholders but towards a higher ethical calling. This approach breeds stakeholder trust, bolsters organizational reputation, and secures long-term sustainability.

The Apostle Paul's Inclusive Leadership for Today's Global Business Environment

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Visionary Leadership Inspired by Faith

The ability to envision beyond the immediate—to imagine what could be—is essential in today’s fast-evolving business sphere. Faith inspires such visionary leadership; it propels leaders like Moses and Abraham, who embarked on journeys toward transformative promises guided by their unwavering belief.

Incorporating faith into one’s leadership practice motivates setting ambitious goals that extend beyond financial success to societal impact. It imbues purpose that transcends profit-making—aiming for transformative effects on lives and communities—a vision that motivates teams and attracts customers and partners aligned with these values.

Navigating Challenges with Faith

The corporate arena is fraught with hurdles—from financial downturns to ethical quandaries. Faith acts as a reservoir of strength and resilience for leaders confronting adversities. The biblical account of Job illustrates unshakeable faith amidst trials—a lesson for contemporary leaders to view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Faith fosters reflective leadership. It encourages guidance through prayer or meditation, which can offer clarity, alleviate stress, and lead to more thoughtful decisions. Leaders who share how faith aids them through difficulties can inspire resilience and optimism within their teams.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Faith and Inclusivity in Leadership

In this globalized world, encountering diverse workforces and customer bases is commonplace. Herein lies faith’s potential as a unifying force—promoting inclusivity across varied cultures and backgrounds. Driven by the principle of love thy neighbor, leadership grounded in faith strives for an inclusive workplace where every individual feels valued.

Such leadership cherishes diversity of thought, creating environments where all employees feel they belong. It drives innovation through diverse perspectives while enhancing team cohesion.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s journey encompasses over 30 years dedicated to serving communities—as an educator, pastor, CEO/principal at non-profit organizations—and entrepreneur supporting education, small businesses, and job creation, demonstrating commitment towards community upliftment and societal advancement.

Her books, “Guidance from the Past Vision for Tomorrow: Biblical Leadership in Today’s World,” along with her initiatives at Global Jesus Mission Church, Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., and MPS Merchant Services Group, among others, highlight her dedication to nurturing future technology leaders while emphasizing significant impacts on evolving technology entrepreneurship landscapes.

These endeavors underscore Dr. Liew’s mission toward societal upliftment bolstered by innovative problem-solving rooted in enduring wisdom, soon available at the Amazon bookstore. They enhance one’s approach to innovative problem-solving rooted in enduring wisdom.

This extensive body of work, found at, offers immersive explorations into biblical ways of conducting business, highlighting significant impacts on the evolving technology entrepreneurship landscape.

Drawing lessons from figures like Solomon, Daniel, and Job paves the way for forward-thinking, innovative approaches to tackling present-day leadership challenges. Armed with timeless wisdom, one stands better equipped to face the future, ensuring legacy impactful positive transformation endures generations come. Beyond financial achievements, Dr. Liew urges readers to aspire to meaningful societal contributions through innovative actions. Her commitment to progress empowerment supports her mission of societal upliftment, accessible and engaging deeply within the communities she serves, thus crafting a legacy of impactful positive transformation that endures generations to come—her books serve not just as resources but beacons illuminating paths toward ethically grounded visionary ambition, fostering leadership rooted deeply within tenets faith, achieving not merely economic success contributing building a more ethical compassionate, inclusive society.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas Is The Future Of Coastal Opulence

By: Jasmine Davis, Staff Writer for BLK News

In the realm of luxury real estate, few developments capture the imagination quite like LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas. Led by industry stalwart Eric Metzger and the esteemed MRLO Holding Company, LUXE & Sol is redefining coastal living with its innovative approach to fractionalized ownership and unparalleled amenities. From panoramic ocean views to state-of-the-art technology, these waterfront villas offer an escape like no other, promising a lifestyle of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

The concept of fractionalized ownership lies at the heart of LUXE & Sol’s vision, offering families the opportunity to own a share of these exquisite properties without the burden of full-time ownership. With prices starting at around $300,000 per share, LUXE & Sol aims to make luxury living accessible to a wider audience, providing a second or third-home experience for discerning individuals seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Spanning across iconic coastal destinations such as Florida’s Panhandle, Alabama’s Gulf Shores, South Carolina’s Hilton Head and Charleston, Texas’s Galveston and Austin, and California’s San Diego, LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas assures to captivate high-profile markets frequented by vacationers seeking premium experiences. Each location is carefully chosen to provide residents with unparalleled access to the natural beauty and vibrant culture of their surroundings, ensuring that every moment spent at a LUXE & Sol villa is filled with unforgettable memories.

But it’s not just the location that sets LUXE & Sol apart – it’s the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that truly elevates the experience. Each villa is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including innovative technologies like ‘Spuds’ that secure the villas to the water bottom, ensuring stability even in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, every villa features an interior staircase leading to a solar-powered rooftop deck with a hot tub, offering residents the perfect place to unwind and take in the breathtaking views.

As anticipation builds for the arrival of LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas, communities are buzzing with excitement. With Eric Metzger and MRLO Holding Company leading the charge, a new era of coastal living is on the horizon – one where luxury and leisure converge to create an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

But beyond the luxurious accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities, LUXE & Sol‘s Waterfront Villas offer something even more valuable: a sense of community. Residents have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting friendships, fostering a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the walls of their villas.

In conclusion, LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas represent the pinnacle of coastal living, offering an unmatched blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. With Eric Metzger and MRLO Holding Company at the helm, the future of coastal real estate looks brighter than ever before. With LUXE & Sol, the dream of coastal elegance becomes a tangible reality, inviting you to indulge in the ultimate coastal escape.

LUXE & Sol's Waterfront Villas Is The Future Of Coastal Opulence

Photo Courtesy: LUXE & Sol

The amenities provided by LUXE & Sol‘s Waterfront Villas extend beyond the individual residences. Residents will have access to exclusive community spaces, such as waterfront pools, fitness centers, and private beach areas. These communal areas serve as gathering points for socializing, relaxation, and recreation, enhancing the overall experience of living in a LUXE & Sol community.

LUXE & Sol places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Each waterfront villa is designed to minimize its ecological footprint, incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies wherever possible. Additionally, LUXE & Sol partners with local conservation organizations to preserve and protect the natural habitats surrounding its properties, ensuring that residents can enjoy the beauty of the coastline for generations to come.

LUXE & Sol‘s Waterfront Villas offer not just a place to live, but a lifestyle to be savored. With their unparalleled luxury, stunning locations, and commitment to community and sustainability, these villas represent the epitome of coastal living. For those seeking an escape from the ordinary and a chance to indulge in the ultimate coastal lifestyle, LUXE & Sol’s Waterfront Villas are the perfect choice.

Published by: Holy Minoza

Empowering Women to Build Wealth: The Rise of the Executivepreneur

In the realm of financial independence and wealth building, women have long been underrepresented. Despite making significant strides in education and the workforce, many women still shy away from investment opportunities, particularly in real estate and other cash-flowing assets that can pave the way for generational wealth. Tayisha Beard, founder of The Asset MultipliHER, is on a mission to change this narrative.

Tayisha Beard’s journey to becoming an advocate for women’s financial empowerment began with a simple yet powerful realization: traditional methods of wealth accumulation, such as saving diligently and climbing the corporate ladder, often fall short of providing long-term financial security. Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift, Beard developed The 4-Step Asset MultipliHER Framework, a holistic approach designed to help career-level women break free from the cycle of limited financial growth.

One of the primary barriers to women’s investment participation lies in the fear of debt and a lack of confidence in their ability to navigate the complexities of wealth creation. Through her framework, Beard aims to dismantle these barriers by providing women with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to make informed investment decisions confidently.

Statistics reveal a stark reality: while 67% of women are now investing outside of their retirement accounts, only 32% are venturing into real estate investment. Beard understands that women possess the acumen and intuition necessary to excel in the world of investing; they simply need the encouragement and guidance to take that crucial first step.

Central to Beard’s philosophy is the belief that being rich can sustain an individual for a lifetime, but true wealth has the power to support entire families for generations. It’s a sentiment encapsulated in her brand’s ethos: “Being rich can support you for a lifetime, wealth can support your family for generations.”

Beyond her role as an esteemed entrepreneur, Beard’s accolades and accomplishments underscore her commitment to effecting meaningful change in both business and society. From being featured in prominent publications like Automotive News to earning recognition as a Leading the Way Award recipient, Beard’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom.

As a dedicated coach for real estate calls with industry leaders and a sought-after panelist at prestigious conferences like the Generational Wealth Conference, Beard leverages her expertise to empower women from all walks of life to take control of their financial futures. Her journey from humble beginnings in New Orleans to her current role as a Senior Director at a Fortune 500 company serves as a testament to the transformative power of ambition and determination.

Empowering Women to Build Wealth: The Rise of the Executivepreneur


In her pursuit of success, Beard remains deeply rooted in her community, serving as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and future leaders. As a member of organizations like the Junior League of Baton Rouge and NAACP Gonzales, she actively contributes to initiatives aimed at uplifting marginalized communities and promoting diversity and inclusion in the business world.

For Beard, the vision extends far beyond individual prosperity—it’s about creating a legacy of empowerment and opportunity for future generations. By equipping women with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive as Executivepreneurs, she is not only reshaping the narrative surrounding women in finance but also paving the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all.


Published By: Aize Perez