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What Won’t Die: A Beacon of Hope in African American Christian Fiction

Photo Courtesy: Ashea Goldson

In the realm of contemporary literature, where the clamor for genuine, soul-stirring narratives grows louder by the day, Ashea Goldson’s latest novel, “What Won’t Die,” emerges as a lighthouse guiding readers through the tempestuous waters of loss, faith, and redemption. Released on May 11th by Covenant Tribe Media, an imprint of Goldwrite Publishing LLC, this African American Christian fiction novel intertwines clean and wholesome romance with profound spiritual themes, setting itself apart as not just a story but an experience.

Covenant Tribe Media is fast becoming synonymous with faith-based books and films that not only entertain but also inspire and challenge their audience to explore deeper spiritual truths. Their mission is clear: to provide a platform for stories that highlight faith at their core and support others in sharing their faith-based narratives. In line with their commitment, they assert, “We focus on faith first,” a mantra that resonates through every page of “What Won’t Die.”

The narrative introduces readers to Gabrielle Mcbay, whose life is irrevocably changed after her husband and son are tragically killed in a car accident. In the aftermath, Gabrielle’s world collapses into ruins; she abandons her home, career, and, most piercingly, her faith. Her journey of grief leads her to seek refuge in a homeless shelter, where she remains hidden from the world for two years. It is within these walls that Gabrielle encounters Devin Ramos—a dedicated high school teacher volunteering at the shelter—who challenges her perceptions and nudges her toward confronting her pain.

Devin’s character represents hope amidst despair. His unwavering patience and understanding become a catalyst for change not only in Gabrielle’s life but also in the lives of others around them. One such life is that of a troubled student who becomes central to their interaction, symbolizing the generational impact of healing and forgiveness.

“What Won’t Die” delves deeply into themes that resonate widely—loss, faithlessness, restoration—and does so with remarkable sensitivity and insight. Goldson skillfully navigates Gabrielle’s internal battles and eventual path to healing without resorting to clichés or oversimplifications. The authenticity with which these themes are explored speaks volumes about Goldson’s craft as both an author and filmmaker known for creating content that touches hearts and provokes thought.

Goldson’s narrative prowess shines through in her ability to weave complex characters into an intricately designed plotline that keeps readers engaged from start to finish. Her storytelling transcends mere entertainment; it acts as a mirror reflecting real-life struggles while offering solace in the idea that what seems broken can indeed be restored.

This novel stands out not only for its poignant storyline but also for its commitment to portraying clean romance grounded in Christian values—making it a rare gem in today’s literary landscape dominated by tales often marred by explicit content.

For those looking forward to diving into “What Won’t Die,” further engagement with Covenant Tribe Media’s mission can be found through various platforms, including their Amazon page, Instagram (@thefilmmakingfaithwriter), official website, Spotify, and iHeartRadio podcast channel. These resources offer insights into upcoming projects and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process behind stories like Gabrielle’s.

In conclusion—Goldson’s novel invites readers on a transformative journey alongside its protagonist. It serves as both a testament to human resilience in facing unimaginable loss and a reminder of the restorative power inherent within faith. Through Gabrielle’s eyes, everyone is encouraged not only to confront their deepest fears but also to embrace the possibility of new beginnings rooted in love and guided by divine grace.

As “What Won’t Die” finds its place on bookshelves across America, it promises not just to captivate minds but also reignite souls—a great addition to African American Christian fiction poised to spark conversations about faith’s role in overcoming personal tragedies long after its final page is turned.


Published By: Aize Perez

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