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Tracci Johnson: Continuing the Legacy and Edifying Women from Within

Tracci Johnson: Continuing the Legacy and Edifying Women from Within
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A legacy refers to the impact, influence, or contributions that a person leaves behind for future generations, often extending beyond their lifetime. It encompasses the tangible and intangible aspects of a person’s life that shape the world and the people around them. A legacy can also encompass the values, principles, and beliefs that a person upholds and instills in others. 

The way a person positively influences and affects the lives of others is an essential aspect of their legacy. This can include their relationships, mentorship, guidance, support, or philanthropic endeavors that uplift and empower individuals or communities.

Tracci Johnson’s legacy was started while still in her mother’s womb. A super supporter of women, she’s passed the torch to continue shaping, inspiring and changing the thought process and the image of women through coaching, ministry and beauty.

As a widely recognized celebrity hairstylist and beauty influencer, she has impacted the beauty industry and has become a household name for her signature cuts. Her passion for all things beauty and her drive to be the best is in her blood. Her paternal great, great grandmother made wigs for Madam C. J. Walker’s company; her paternal aunt was a celebrity stylist in the 70s and one of the first African American women to own a salon in Beverly Hills; Two of her sisters and her maternal grandmother were stylists and salon owners, while another sister was a barber who pioneered in becoming a female barber shop owner in the state of Texas.

Another sister is an exceptional makeup artist who, in the 90s, made a significant impact in the beauty and entertainment industries. She worked with numerous high-fashion brands, celebrities, and models, and her innovative makeup techniques redefined beauty trends. 

The beauty industry has been shaped by numerous black women who have become legends in their own right. Their contributions have not only revolutionized the industry but have also challenged beauty standards, expanded inclusivity, and inspired generations. 

One legend is Madam C.J. Walker who is hailed as a pioneer in the beauty industry. An influential entrepreneur, philanthropist, and pioneer, she developed and marketed a line of hair care products for black women. She became one of the first self-made female millionaires in the United States and used her success to empower other black women. 

Tracci Johnson has unknowingly taken a page out of Walker’s book. A trendsetter who has transformed women’s appearances and self-assurance for over 37 years, she is an influential entrepreneur who developed a hair serum for Black women; she’s written a book, Dangerous Mistrust, to encourage and motivate you to ditch the pretense and live authentically; and discover how to cultivate feelings of acceptance, love for self, and self-worth, and she is a transformational coach that helps people better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes and changing the way they see themselves. 

Behind the chair she brings happiness and confidence to many women with her gift of hair cutting and styling. However, the pièce de résistance is her gift of ministry. No matter the conversation, she is usually led to share a positive word or a scripture before a client exits her chair.

Tracci says her salons have always been a place of solace for many women and that her calling is to edify from within. 

God has given her the discernment to know when a client is hurting or needs a hug or a good scripture to keep them going. She says she would be remiss if she did not share what the holy spirit put on her heart.

She’s toured the world, styled top celebrities, and owned and operated popular salons in the heart of Hollywood, California. In the 90s, Eclipse Salon on Melrose Ave was the hot spot where some of the premier stylists in Los Angeles worked. People would come from all over to sit in Tracci’s chair. And if you were a fan of entertainment, this was the place to see celebrities in music, TV & film. 

Today, Tracci owns Legacci by Tracci, another salon on Melrose but with a different vibe. The Eclipse salon owner hid her flaws and always looked the part. The total of her worth was wrapped up in her public image, but her private life was punctured with a threatening darkness, brokenness, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-loathing, pretense, and a constant feeling of being inadequate. She lived with the fear of losing her ability to project the confident person she presented to the world. 

The owner of Leggaci by Tracci, is a totally different person. She values authenticity and is transparent, allowing access to some of her most private situations to help others.

Her book is an example of transparency. It is written to encourage and motivate the reader to ditch the pretense and live authentically; and discover how to cultivate feelings of acceptance, love for self, and self-worth. 

Not only does Johnson and Walker have similarities in business, their personal lives somewhat mirror. Both women went through failed marriages to only come out better and more successful businesswomen.  

Through their talent, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, women have paved the way for greater representation and diversity, empowering countless women to embrace their unique beauty.

Tracci Johnson is continuing the legacy and paving the way for those to come. 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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