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Single Review: Miss Freddye – “Slippin’ Away”

Miss Freddye
Photo Courtesy: Miss Freddye

By: John Glover (MBA)

In a realm where the blues is both a haunting echo of the past and a resonant voice of the present, Miss Freddye emerges again with “Slippin’ Away,” a heart-wrenching ode to love’s fading light. Pittsburgh’s own “Lady of the Blues” channels raw emotion and profound sorrow into this evocative single, crafted with the tender words of her late friend, Mike Lyzenga.

A Tribute Etched in Blues:

“Slippin’ Away” is more than a song; it’s a poignant tribute. The lyrical craftsmanship of Mike Lyzenga, who wrote the song on February 25, 2018, speaks to the universal experience of love slowly slipping through one’s fingers. This release is a posthumous homage to Lyzenga’s legacy, carried forth by Miss Freddye’s soulful rendition. The lyrics paint a somber yet vivid picture of a relationship unraveling, their poignancy heightened by Miss Freddye’s passionate vocal delivery.

Production and Musicianship:

Recorded at Red Caiman Media in Pittsburgh’s North Hills, the production quality captures the essence of classic blues while allowing the song’s contemporary nuances to shine through. The instrumental ensemble is a testament to blues authenticity, with Mike Huston’s guitar weeping over Jeff Conner’s melancholic keys, Greg Sejko’s steady bass, and Bob Dicola’s rhythmic foundation on drums. Each musician contributes to the haunting atmosphere that complements Miss Freddye’s powerful vocals, creating a cohesive and moving auditory experience.


The lyrical structure of “Slippin’ Away” delves into themes of uncertainty and heartache, with lines like:

I don’t know where we’re goin’  

I don’t know where we’ve been  

It’s just an illusion we’ve seen before?  

Yeah, it’s a nightmare comin’ back for more?

These verses evoke a sense of déjà vu and looming despair, mirroring the cyclical nature of troubled love. The refrain, “Do you feel our love… slippin’ away,” resonates with a profound simplicity, directly appealing to the shared experience of realizing love’s inevitable decline.

Musical and Emotional Depth:

Miss Freddye’s interpretation is a masterclass in conveying emotion through music. Her voice, rich with experience and vulnerability, captures the listener’s attention, compelling them to deeply feel the weight of the lyrics. The track’s slow, deliberate pace allows each note and word to resonate, making the listener dwell in the sorrowful beauty of the blues.

Legacy and Influence:

Miss Freddye’s roots in blues stretch back to her early days singing in church. Her influences from icons like Koko Taylor and Etta James are evident in her powerful, soulful approach. Over the years, she has carved a niche for herself in the blues world and given back to the community through her music and charitable work. Her performances are a testament to the blues’ enduring power to express the deepest human emotions and connect people across generations.

Overall Impact:

“Slippin’ Away” is a touching and fitting tribute to both the late Mike Lyzenga and Miss Freddye’s remarkable journey in the world of blues. It’s a track that honors the past and resonates with contemporary listeners, capturing the timeless essence of the blues. For anyone who has ever felt the sting of a love lost or slipping away, Miss Freddye’s latest single offers a cathartic experience, bridging the gap between personal sorrow and collective understanding.


With “Slippin’ Away,” Miss Freddye has crafted a deeply moving addition to her impressive catalog. It’s a song that embodies the spirit of the blues, serving as both a memorial to a dear friend and a testament to the enduring power of music to heal and console. As you listen to this heartfelt ballad, prepare to be transported into a world where every note echoes with the pain and beauty of love slipping away.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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