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Kathy Saulsberry: Empowering Entrepreneurs through Taylormade Consultants

Kathy Saulsberry
Photo Credited To: Kathy Saulsberry

By: Whitefriar PR

“Success is uncomfortable. My aim is to help people through that process.” 

As the owner of Taylormade Consultants, Kathy Saulsberry has dedicated herself to helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the complex journey of starting and growing their businesses. With a focus on providing tailor-made solutions, Kathy’s story is one of resilience, adaptability, and a genuine desire to see others succeed.

A Diverse Journey 

Kathy’s journey in the world of finance, banking, mortgage, and insurance began in 1986, and over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her career path has been diverse, ranging from working at the Attorney General’s office to corporate training for progressive businesses. Not one to shy away from challenges, Kathy has experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, from the crash of her mortgage business during the 2008 financial crisis to managing a daycare. Her creativity and resilience laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial venture, Taylormade Consultants.

The Birth of Taylormade Consultants

Taylormade Consultants is more than just a business consulting firm; it’s a partner on the entrepreneurial journey. Kathy’s motivation to start her own business came from a desire to provide comprehensive support to budding entrepreneurs. Having seen many businesses fail within the first two years, she recognized the need for a guiding hand that not only assists with filings and business plans but also extends support to the crucial next steps, such as equipment acquisition and financing.

Unique Approach and Tangible Results

What sets Taylormade Consultants apart is Kathy’s unique approach. She doesn’t just offer generic solutions; she provides customized strategies that are proven to work. By focusing on the client’s specific needs and goals, Kathy and her team guide entrepreneurs through a structured process that includes filling out a detailed questionnaire and mind-mapping the steps needed for success.

Her emphasis on speaking to the fears that many entrepreneurs face sets her apart as someone who not only understands the technical aspects of business but also the emotional challenges that come with it. For Kathy, success is not just a financial milestone but a journey toward helping individuals overcome their fears and achieve their dreams. “We achieve this by working on your Brand Image as well. Jazzmine Jacks is our Image Consultant. She has had formal training from the Paul Mitchell School of Beauty and graduate of Regency Beauty Institute, brings over 12 years’ experience to illuminate and enhance the best in you.”

Empowering the Next Generation

Kathy’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship goes beyond her consulting services. She offers free mentorship to children, aiming to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. By sharing her knowledge and experiences, she hopes to instill the mindset of turning challenges into opportunities and eventually passing on that knowledge to others.

To learn more and start your journey to entrepreneurial success, visit their website.

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