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Atlanta Campaign Calls for ‘Buycotting’ to Support Black and Ally Entrepreneurs, Paving Way for Economic Change

Atlanta Campaign Calls for 'Buycotting' to Support Black and Ally Entrepreneurs, Paving Way for Economic Change
Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team

By: A. Lewis

In the twilight of his life, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., amidst the fervor of the civil rights movement he led, confided a harrowing reflection to Harry Belafonte, a luminary in both entertainment and activism. He feared that his advocacy for integration might have inadvertently guided Black Americans into a “burning house,” recognizing that mere integration fell short of addressing the economic disparities faced by his community. This poignant admission underscores an enduring quest for racial and economic equity that transcends generations.

More than half a century later, this quest finds renewed vigor in the innovative strategies adopted by Friends of the Movement Global Inc. (FotM Global), BlacIntellec, and an alliance of civil rights and trade organizations. Together, they are spearheading a transformative shift in economic activism from boycotting to buycotting—a proactive stance aimed at fostering economic empowerment within the Black community and its allies.

The collective spending power of Black Americans, estimated at $1.7 trillion, coupled with their allies’ financial clout exceeding $7 trillion, positions them as formidable agents of change in today’s economy. Recognizing this potential, FotM Global unveiled the “Our Money United” campaign on March 12, 2024, at the Rice Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs in Atlanta. This pioneering initiative seeks to harness this vast spending power by encouraging consumers to support businesses committed to investing in Black communities—businesses now recognized as “Friends of the Movement.” This real-time support is made visible through an unprecedented tool: the Black Wall Street Tickers deployed nationwide.

Dr. Charles Walker, Jr., FotM Global’s founder and CEO and visionary behind this campaign, articulated its essence: shifting from boycotting’s reactive stance to buycotting’s proactive engagement. By leveraging modern technology’s capabilities, this strategy aims to facilitate swift social and economic transformations aligned with younger generations’ values and those who understand their spending impact.

Joseph Hudson from BlacIntellec highlighted their role in providing deeper insights into consumer and corporate spending patterns—insights crucial for informed decision-making toward achieving economic justice.

This modern approach redefines conscious consumption. Consumers are now empowered to make every transaction a statement of their values by choosing companies aligned with their commitment to racial equity—an action further amplified by seamless transactions facilitated through FotM Global’s platform.

The timing is particularly significant amid attacks on Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and other gains made by civil rights movements over decades. Endorsements from figures like Ambassador Andrew Young—a close aide to Dr. King—and organizations including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference signal widespread support for this call-to-action among leaders passionate about continuing Dr. King’s legacy.

Legal advocate Attorney Gerald Griggs emphasized how this campaign creates a forum where voices can be heard and dollars counted towards justice-seeking efforts.

Ron Sailor from the National Action Network Southeast pointed out buycotting’s potential to transform each purchase into a vote for equality and respect—a sentiment echoed across various leadership spheres within Atlanta’s vibrant civil rights community.

Prominent attorney Rodney Strong praised buycotting for its accountability mechanism—holding corporations responsible minute-by-minute—and providing visibility for those actively participating in these initiatives.

Rev. Jamal Bryant discussed buycotting’s empowering aspect against historical backdrops like the bombing of Black Wall Street—a testament to oppressors’ fear toward organized economic movements within oppressed communities. The Black Wall Street Ticker emerges as not just a tool but a symbol, one that monitors investments into community-supportive businesses while challenging existing wealth disparities head-on.

Atlanta Campaign Calls for 'Buycotting' to Support Black and Ally Entrepreneurs, Paving Way for Economic Change (2)

Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team

This novel form of activism invites all individuals to register their participation—not just through traditional voting but through everyday financial choices reflecting their commitment to racial justice and equity.

As we stand at the precipice of potentially groundbreaking societal shifts inspired by Dr. King’s unfulfilled dream, initiatives like FotM Global’s Our Money United campaign present an actionable path forward—one where every dollar spent becomes a stepping stone towards reducing America’s racial wealth gap.

To join this movement or learn more about how you can contribute towards shaping an equitable future through your spending habits visit [Friends of the Movement Global Inc.’s Directory]( or explore further details about their mission at [](

Through such concerted efforts embodying principles laid down decades ago yet as relevant as ever today—the vision for economic justice may indeed find its realization not just within our communities but echoed across nations aspiring towards true equality.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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