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Alph Lukau ; the Billion Dollar Entrepreneur

Alph Lukau ; the Billion Dollar Entrepreneur
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Rising to second place on the podium in Money Inc.’s latest ranking of the world’s richest pastors with a billion dollar fortune, Faith based Entrepreneur Alph Lukau seems to be proof of that. The flamboyant pastor owns two private jets, a 22 million Hawker 800 and a 40 million Gulf stream 550, a fleet of Rolls-Royces along with high-end yachts and boats among other riches.

Find out who this uninhibited pastor is, who travels by his private jet to preach the good word and deliver messages of hope to those who listen to him. The flamboyant pastor will ignite the crowd and shine with a thousand lights.

Alph Lukau ; the Billion Dollar Entrepreneur

Photo Credit: UnitedPress

Added to this is a 24 hours TV channel, AMI TV based out of Europe, AL Group of Companies which weighs more than 225 million Euros. 1.6 billion dollars was the estimated made by some specialized magazines concerning his personal fortune.

Displaying his success without any complex in Africa, where poverty is omnipresent, Alph Lukau is regularly lynched by the media for his luxurious lifestyle, but nothing seems to stop the South African pastor blessed by the gods. 

Alph Lukau ; the Billion Dollar Entrepreneur

Photo Credit: UnitedPress

Alph Lukau, the influential businessman

Alph Lukau is not content to preach the Bible, the influential pastor is a shrewd businessman at the head of a powerful conglomerate, AL Group of Companies which is present worldwide and has a strong position in the construction and logistics sectors. With success in commodities such as gold,  cobalt, and copper, he is also climbing the ladder of the robust African mining industry and eyeing an expansion to Middle East.

If Pastor Alph Lukau is read, is he listened to and heard?

In February 2022, when he launched the 40-day fast, open to all, regardless of their confessions, 3.5 million people from all over the world tuned in every evening on his television channel “Alleluia Ministries International Television’ (AMITV) to pray with him. The man knows how to convince and make himself heard.

The 40-day fast culminated in a three-day conference in South Africa, broadcast live by Germany-based AMI TV. There too, every day full board for the pastor, who attracts faithful from all over the world. A modern churchman, the pastor relies on new communication tools, such as social networks, to interact with his faithful.

On social media, Pastor Alph Lukau has an impressive follower base: Facebook of 6.1 million followers, 6.0 million followers on Instagram and about 1.5 million on YouTube. Alleluia Ministries International Television (AMITV), the pastor’s television station, is broadcast non-stop 7 days a week and has a 16 million dedicated followers across its ministries. 

 It was not only be the European faithful who attended, but his followers flocked from all over the world. Everyone wanted to rub shoulders with the pastor who is changing the face of Africa. 

Remember this name, Alph Lukau, because it seems that the South African pastor is on his way to conquer other continents as he is seeing  doing  back to back appearances in countries, programs which are flocked by communities of different faith.  

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