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The Blessed Challenge: Embracing Our Human and Divine Potential

The Blessed Challenge: Embracing Our Human and Divine Potential
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Dr. Anita C. Powell, Msc.D is the founder of TAPN2U Movement, LLC and Empowerment. Her journey to establishing these inspiring brands wasn’t without its challenges, but she has taken them as karmic debts that she needed to pay to become the person she is today.

Over the years, under the TAPN2U Movement and Empowerment, Dr. Anita has been an active proponent and practitioner of metaphysics, seeing it as a way to better understand the world and our connection with it. She believes that much of the world’s suffering stems from limited self-belief, an occurrence she refers to as karmic debt. This is the understanding that our beliefs about ourselves will be reflected both internally and externally, appearing as either opportunities or lack thereof.

The Blessed Challenge: Embracing Our Human and Divine Potential

Photo Credit: National Press Club

Born with a perceptive empathic ability, she has always been aware of the emotional states of others around her. This quality compelled her to want to find ways to alleviate the suffering she could feel. Her journey went into full throttle when she became an adult and was introduced to the world of metaphysics, understanding that the answer to many of life’s problems lies in understanding the self.

Dr. Anita’s endeavor in metaphysics has provided a better understanding of her self-perceived flaws. She has had to overcome the personal obstacle of limited self-belief of ‘not being good enough,’ a sentiment she also recognizes in many others around her. This obstacle specifically affected her art as a self-taught calligrapher and as a poet. She would delay or fail to complete projects out of a fear that they were not ‘perfect.’

However, upon understanding that her quest for perfection was a veil masking her fear of being inadequate, she changed her perspective. Instead of striving for perfection, she was inspired by her grandson’s wisdom that practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does ‘make better.’ Embracing this philosophy, Dr. Anita learned to appreciate her progress and the small victories along the way. 

The Blessed Challenge: Embracing Our Human and Divine Potential

Photo Credit: National Press Club

She says, “Practice makes better… that’s so very cool! My human nature recognizes there’s a part of me that visits the ‘not enough.’ My Divine nature embraces I am, we are more than enough and when I experience the tug of the ‘not enough,’ I love on it and then tap into my Divine”.

In addition to her metaphysical endeavors, Dr. Anita has brought a touch of healing and understanding to her role as a Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate by sharing her wisdom and metaphysical concepts with those she encounters professionally. When expressing the interplay of her personal and professional life, Dr. Anita states, “There is no difference between what I do personally and what I do professionally. It is one.”

Dr. Anita is an inspiring embodiment of the belief that we all have the ability to tap into our divine potential. Despite our human flaws, imperfections, and challenges, we have immense potential within us. As individuals, we are a universe unto ourselves – a universe of possibilities, hope, and divine potential.

In this exploration of self-awareness, Dr. Anita encourages others to delve deeper into themselves—to go beyond the physical realm and tap into the unappreciated sources of strength, wisdom, and love within them. “Our universe is within us—it’s up to us to uncover it and demonstrate the power of human and divine potential,” she says to clients and when speaking on stages.

Through her journey and life’s work, Dr. Anita truly is a living testament to this belief. She offers her wisdom, concepts, and life lessons to all, embodying the teaching that we are human and divine, each of us possessing our universe, in an exhilarating mixture of the spiritual, metaphysical, and self-help disciplines.

You can follow Dr. Anita C. Powell and her inspiring journey through her various social media platforms. She can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. There, you can get a taste of her guiding light—of a person deeply connected with the energy principles and sharing her wisdom with the world. After all, as Dr. Anita has shown, it’s in YOU—your own universe is ready to be discovered.

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