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Making History: 9th Annual C2TV Awards Takes Center Stage and Gives Back

Making History: 9th Annual C2TV Awards Takes Center Stage and Gives Back
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Los Angeles is buzzing with excitement as Charles Clemmons, owner of C2 Entertainment, prepares to unveil the 9th Annual C2TV Awards on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023. This star-studded event, known for honoring the year’s notable achievements in the world of film, music, and television, will be making history this year as it will be streaming live on Tubi, a first for the prominent award ceremony.

Providing an enchanting transition into the holiday season, the C2TV Awards represent a fusion of glamour and philanthropy. It marks a significant milestone for C2 Entertainment, an illustrious entertainment brand, by painting an illustrious tapestry of artistic excellence and community support.

C2 Entertainment is no stranger to captivating audiences, a fact evident in their mantra, “We are making History!” An evening filled to the brim with glitz and grandeur, the C2TV Awards are not just about recognizing the who’s who in various entertainment arenas, but also about uplifting the community.

Beyond the awards, performances, and the bright lights lie a heartwarming mission to give back to the community. The remaining proceeds from the 2023 C2TV Awards will be donated to The Laila Dance Conservatory (LDC). Led by director Laila Abdullah, LDC champions the art of dance and enriches the lives of numerous young talents each year. This gesture solidifies the award ceremony as an event with purpose, enriching and uplifting young lives through the power of performing arts. 

Making History: 9th Annual C2TV Awards Takes Center Stage and Gives Back

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The award ceremony is slated to be a rousing entertainment spectacle, an evening filled with memorable instances, thanks to a glittering roster of celebrities and renowned artists. Illustrious brands like Trust Me Vodka, Red Cup Nights, Iconic Events LA, and Truth Marx, have all come forth to support this groundbreaking event, further amplifying its importance.

Fashion is inextricably linked to the star-studded glamour of such a ceremony. Ensuring everyone will turn heads, the award ceremony’s host and C2 Entertainment’s erudite owner, Charles Clemmons, will be styled by the prestigious fashion brand, Moss Kourture. Guaranteed to accentuate the elegance and appeal of the evening, the host’s attire will be a captivating showcase of fashion brilliance.

Making History: 9th Annual C2TV Awards Takes Center Stage and Gives Back

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The night will pulsate with captivating performances, drawing the audience into a vortex of musical ecstasy. The audience will be treated to special performances by Domi, John Alex Gatsby, 101 Girls, P. Smoove, and rap supernova Lil Mama.

As enthralled audiences enjoy these performances, special appearances by Columbus Short, Omar Gooding, and the resplendent Tiffany Haddish, set to receive her Woman of the Year Award, will add more sparks to the glitz of the evening. 

This year’s C2TV Awards are promising to put up a riveting display, a unique amalgam of celebrating victory and community support. Making history as it is set to sell out for the first time and break records on Tubi network, the awards ceremony places humility and vision at its heart, a rare combination that defines the essence of C2 Entertainment.

To partake in this glamorous spectacle, tickets for the C2TV Awards can be purchased at For more updates, do follow C2 Entertainment on Instagram, @c2entertainmentent, and Charles Clemmons at @charlesclemmonsofficial. For further inquiries, you can reach out to PR,

As the curtains draw near to the C2TV Awards, Los Angeles awaits an evening that pays homage to talent, embraces community, and creates history. Indeed, Charles Clemmons and C2 Entertainment prove that where there is vision and determination, there is always a way to make a difference, and in the process, make history.

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