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Juneteenth Feast? Try RX Catering DC Metro

Juneteenth Feast? Try RX Catering DC Metro
Photo Courtesy: Park Roads Studios

By: Pam Perry PR Staff

Since 2020, Major League Soccer (MLS) has embraced Juneteenth, commemorating the official end of slavery in the United States, as a significant part of its cultural and social responsibility initiatives. This celebration, developed in close collaboration with Black Players for Change (BPC)—an independent organization of Black MLS players, coaches, and staff—highlights MLS’s ongoing commitment to promoting racial equality and honoring the contributions of Black Americans.

This year, D.C. United joins the celebration with a special event during their match against Atlanta United FC at Audi Field on June 19. The event underscores D.C. United’s solidarity with Black Players for Change and their dedication to racial equality. Leading up to the match, D.C. United will spotlight their Black-owned business partners, showcasing their contributions through social media and display advertising.

One of the standout partners being honored is Rx Catering DC Metro, a Black-owned business known for its dedication to providing high-quality catering services. Founded and led by Cheron Reed, Rx Catering has become synonymous with excellence in the culinary world, offering a wide array of delectable dishes crafted with love and precision. Cheron Reed, a passionate and skilled chef, believes in cooking with love, a philosophy that resonates deeply with her clientele and community.

Cheron Reed’s journey with Rx Catering began with a simple yet profound mission: to bring people together through the joy of food. Her commitment to quality and community has not only earned her a loyal following but also solidified Rx Catering as a staple in the local food scene. From corporate events to community gatherings, Rx Catering is known for its ability to deliver exceptional service and mouth watering cuisine that leaves a lasting impression.

Beyond their culinary prowess, Cheron Reed and RX Catering are deeply involved in the community. They have consistently used their platform to support various charitable causes, provide meals for those in need, and participate in local events that promote unity and inclusivity. This dedication to community service has made Rx Catering a beloved institution in the metropolitan area. More information about Rx Catering can be found on their website: RX Catering.

For the Juneteenth celebration, RX Catering will be offering a selection of delicious items, including their popular Pulled Vegan BBQ. This dish, along with other mouthwatering offerings, showcases Cheron Reed’s commitment to providing high-quality, flavorful food that caters to diverse dietary preferences.

Juneteenth Feast? Try RX Catering DC Metro

Photo Courtesy: Rx Catering DC Metro

During the halftime presentation, supported by Steamfitters and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW), D.C. United will present checks to RX Catering and other Black-owned food vendors. These checks are designed to assist with the enhancement of their refrigeration systems, ensuring these businesses continue to thrive and serve the community with excellence. This year’s recipients are Ms. Toya’s Creole Kitchen, Queen Mother’s, RX Catering, and Half Smoke.

The halftime presentation will be a significant moment, symbolizing not only the appreciation for these businesses but also the broader efforts to bridge racial equality gaps within the soccer community and beyond. The ceremony will begin at approximately 8:00 pm, with the halftime show concluding around 8:30 pm.

As D.C. United and MLS continue to celebrate Juneteenth, the recognition of Rx Catering and other Black-owned businesses exemplifies the powerful impact of community collaboration and the ongoing journey toward racial equality. This event not only honors the past but also looks forward to a future where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and supported.

Join us on June 19 at Audi Field to celebrate Juneteenth, honor our Black-owned business partners, and witness a powerful testament to unity and progress in our community. Cheron Reed and Rx Catering, with their unwavering commitment to excellence and community service, stand as beacons of inspiration and proud representatives of Black entrepreneurship in the metropolitan area.

About D.C. United

One of the founding clubs of Major League Soccer in 1996, D.C. United is a decorated team in the United States with 13 domestic and international trophies. They are the championed professional team in the District of Columbia. The club plays in Audi Field, the region’s newest major professional sports venue, located just 1.5 miles from the U.S. Capitol. More information about D.C. United can be found on their website: DC United.

Juneteenth Feast? Try RX Catering DC Metro

Photo Courtesy: DC United


Published By: Aize Perez

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