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Turn, Makers of the Iconic Podpak are Igniting the Future in 2024

Turn, makers of the iconic podpak are igniting the future in 2024
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Cannabis connoisseurs are in for a treat. The mark of a new horizon, 2024 is gearing up to be the year turn, renowned for its popular cannabis oil flavors, turns the industry on its head. The company, celebrated for the original turn podpak and the highly-demanded turn disposable vape pen, has several exciting plans up its sleeve. These page-turning developments will redefine the cannabis scene. 

Known for expanding boundaries, turn has been working behind the scenes, preparing for the next leap. Carefully crafting their offerings, turn is set to introduce ground-breaking vaping hardware, including a mind-boggling 2ml pen. The company is amplifying its existing lines and stepping into new realms. A sister site, turnhemp, touted to enhance the brand’s presence, is lined up for an official launch. The introduction of 100% live resin turn pens represents another significant stride. Underlining the innovative spirit, the brand engages in unexpected alliances and unique partnerships, taking the industry by storm.

Unforeseen collaborations aside, turn’s reputation for hosting spectacular giveaways shines bright. Their Tokyo Rosé giveaway, which took a lucky family and the store employees who sold the winning ticket all the way to Japan, marked an enviable precedent. This year promises another grand prize to a fortunate winner, the details of which are shrouded in enticing mystery.

The surprises don’t end there. As the team at turn HQ has been in overdrive preparing for the grand year of 2024, they have charted new territories. turn is set to launch turntonic, a craft beer and seltzer line, marking their distinct footprint in the world of craft beverages. Having always embraced inclusivity, turn extends their warm welcome to our four-legged friends with a special line of apparel designed just for them.

The additions continue to roll in thick and fast. From the launch of buzz-worthy botanica blend pre-rolls to the larger and more impressive 2ml pen, turn continues its innovation trend. The company is offering even more flavors in its cannabis range, promising indulgence for even the most discerning palettes. Not to be left behind in the active scene, turn introduces turnTHCv capsules tailored for surfers, skaters, and sports lovers alike. 

Considering everything planned, 2024 is geared to be turn’s most magnanimous year yet. Cannabis consumers better buckle up and get their hands on popular favorites like the turn podpak and turn disposable vapes before they fly off the shelves. So, as they say at turn, “It’s your turn” to be a part of the revolutionizing wave in the cannabis industry.

Indeed, turn is setting the stage not only to become one of the hottest brands within the cannabis sector but also to extend its influence beyond. With their dynamic offerings, innovative outlook, and forward-thinking moves, the moment has come for everyone to take a step forward and turn the tide.

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Forget what has passed. Look forward to the excitement. Embrace the thrill of the new. And remember, 2024 is the year of more, the year of turn. 


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